distant curses.

'cross the sea, a hex i blow
and in a dogged eye did bind
misfortune that the curse would fall
upon this hound in both eyes blind

to maim the man who broke my heart
i soothed from far the sightless dog
but this hex had a harder route
through raucous waves and soupy fog

when mist became the canine's view
she lunged with teeth & eyes gloss white
a bite sunk in his leg bone deep
cursed my curse met the wrong man tonight.


I made a film about you.

Transorbital Lobotomy:
the eye-opening documentary
of docking your memory

the bridge home is about to burn
and this time its my turn

so you better go.


the night goddess of aerials and cherries arises.

here comes the brewing burden of his true masked learning
and with burning acidic assistance of fury turns a spurned heart cruelly blue.


back off to the backhanded heresy so her haphazard harem delights in me

hark the leper & the pharisee rejoice in distant karmic harmony

while i, the priestess; hands a newborn art form to the prophecy.


i heard you like what you see
the gold dust encrusted on her rusty Etruscan bust

& all she would need in the morning is some love
but she don't even lease
she's only a visitor in his headspace

he looked at her.
under cover of a suburban cupboard,
he hovered;
and saw
a southern mouse
trace his mother's
other mouth.

a projectile propensity for a manic intense destiny
and panicked in the dynamic density of her menses.

she fills your mouth with the dazzling
dirty treats
of her venereal
dizzy eats.


Haven't written here in a while. But I'm unhappy again so here I am.

I officially hate my job and my supervisors. I have no more respect for the company I work for, or my bosses.

It's time to decide where I am going to go. Time to make a plan.

  • apply for IATSE 212 membership
    • get proof of hours in order
    • ask about fees, time to apply
  • make a portfolio website
  • apply for Moment Factory
  • start 3D animation learning
  • make more animations
  • draw more


And now for something really fun; a list of all the times (that I remember right now) of being objectified starring strange (and sometimes familiar) men.

  • my first day of work serving drinks at a strip club, when a man groped my butt as I asked him his order
  • the second time I had my ass groped at work, serving at Cowboys during Stampede.
  • when a man tried to put a sticker on my chest while serving at Cowboys.
  • the time I was offered money to go home with a man after I served him his beer.
  • the times I was asked to be a third in a threesome with a couple I had only met serving them drinks.
  • when my ass was groped walking through a crowd to the bathroom at an Offspring concert, at Cowboys during Stampede.
  • the time a man offered me money to serve drinks topless at the bachelor party he was having, while bartending (with a shirt on.)
  • the time a 40 year old, on the bus, asked to take me, then 20, to a movie
  • the time a man sat next to me on the bus and shook my hand, then wouldn't let go til I yanked it away. "it's too bad you're taken," after he asked if I was single (i lied and said i was not). Also told him my name was Sally and never looked him in the eyes.
  • the times when familiar men (so I wont describe here) made me uncomfortable because they saw me as an object (three I can think of right now)