And now for something really fun; a list of all the times (that I remember right now) of being objectified starring strange (and sometimes familiar) men.

  • my first day of work serving drinks at a strip club, when a man groped my butt as I asked him his order
  • the second time I had my ass groped at work, serving at Cowboys during Stampede.
  • when a man tried to put a sticker on my chest while serving at Cowboys.
  • the time I was offered money to go home with a man after I served him his beer.
  • the times I was asked to be a third in a threesome with a couple I had only met serving them drinks.
  • when my ass was groped walking through a crowd to the bathroom at an Offspring concert, at Cowboys during Stampede.
  • the time a man offered me money to serve drinks topless at the bachelor party he was having, while bartending (with a shirt on.)
  • the time a 40 year old, on the bus, asked to take me, then 20, to a movie
  • the time a man sat next to me on the bus and shook my hand, then wouldn't let go til I yanked it away. "it's too bad you're taken," after he asked if I was single (i lied and said i was not). Also told him my name was Sally and never looked him in the eyes.
  • the times when familiar men (so I wont describe here) made me uncomfortable because they saw me as an object (three I can think of right now)