the night goddess of aerials and cherries arises.

here comes the brewing burden of his true masked learning
and with burning acidic assistance of fury turns a spurned heart cruelly blue.


back off to the backhanded heresy so her haphazard harem delights in me

hark the leper & the pharisee rejoice in distant karmic harmony

while i, the priestess; hands a newborn art form to the prophecy.


i heard you like what you see
the gold dust encrusted on her rusty Etruscan bust

& all she would need in the morning is some love
but she don't even lease
she's only a visitor in his headspace

he looked at her.
under cover of a suburban cupboard,
he hovered;
and saw
a southern mouse
trace his mother's
other mouth.

a projectile propensity for a manic intense destiny
and panicked in the dynamic density of her menses.

she fills your mouth with the dazzling
dirty treats
of her venereal
dizzy eats.