It Shouldn't Be This Hard To Be Friends.

Songe après songe tu me manques,
Et les peines ne disparaissent pas.
Et jour après jour je songe,
À courir très doucement vers toi.

Mais toi tu ne me connais plus,
Après ce tort je t'ai vraiment perdu.
Et elle se range à tes côtés,
Pendant que j'en oublie tes baisers.

Et sans souffrir; j'en ris,
Mes regrets restent dans son lit.
Et sans rire; je souffre,
Car il a eu mon dernier souffle.

The scenery of my life's changed,
but darling, yours looks just the same.


You Make My Heart Beat Fast.

I've come to realize
you're the only
thing I want.

I'm falling all the way in.


Every Day Is Different From The Last.

I could definitely do this.
Being overall happy with a couple bad days here and there.
I wish life could be like that.
But there are phases, it moves in cycles.
I'm happy now.
I'll be happy for a while.
Still I dread the impending sadness,
because it always happens.
There is no exceptions.
And that's okay.
And I won't
I believe this today. I need to remember it.
And the bad days won't be so bad.
I live my life as a constant battle;
me against the Universe.
But I call a truce.
The Universe is my friend.
These days, I can see the signs.
The signs that you want me to be happy.

I'm letting myself be happy.
I'm taking care of my heart.


I like you,
I guess you
know that.

I suppose,
you could
like me too.

Just like
I want you.


I Don't Know What I'm Doing.

Dumpster diver,
you won't find her,
you threw her away a long time ago.

My name is Temptation.
It's such pleasure to meet you as well.

Mais je t'aime encore, et moi je l'aime un peu plus fort.


Another Night Out, Another Dance Floor.

I never think of you anymore.
All I have are these pictures I've
saved that remind me of you.
I'll put them here, and delete them
and maybe I'll never look at them again.

I never think of you anymore.
But I won't forget you...

No promises.


Fill The Cracks With Gold

Et tois tu ne sais pas
Que je voudrais bien de toi
C'est bien triste ce sera
Dans cette chanson seulement.

Our hearts are racing faster now
to cross the finish line.
I bet I make you love me first
before I make you mine.

I've got myself quite a head start,
Here; have some time to catch up.
By the time you're almost here,
We'll surely be in love.


Ain't It Good To Be Back Home?

Now my feet won't touch the ground.
Cold, cold water...
What ya say?

It's such a

These are the happiest days of my life. The Olympics amaze me
daily and I couldn't imagine not being here right now. I've
never felt such euphoria as walking down Robson
Street. I've seen it at 4pm and 2am and
the wonder that overthrows me is
something I think I'll never
find the same way

Dear Friends; I wish you were here.  Although I'm discovering just
how much I admire my solitude. I'm not afraid of loneliness. It's so
good to be alone sometimes. I am one with the world. I can feel the
 heart beats of a thousand people wherever I go.

You can't even fathom what I
 feel right now. Multiply it by infinity,
take it to the depths of forever and you'll
barely have a glimpse of what I'm talking about.
Even walking to the bus stop after school today was
emotional. I almost cried; my eyes welled up.
Only because I was so happy.
Everyday is perfection.

I can't wait til the morning. I wouldnt wanna change a thing.

Now the sky could be blue.
I don't mind.

Without you it's
 a waste of


Quarter Love Notes

The blond hair with blue eyes,
I had sworn you off for good.
I'm thinking I don't know myself
much better than I should.

Damn you little drummer boy,
Your hands beat right on time.
Up against your chest, the way
My heart beats up to mine.

Just love me back, I promise babe,
that I can love you more.
I almost don't know who I truly
wrote these lyrics for.

The empty space inside my head,
The areas that once were dead,
Is where I keep all that I wrote;
A million quarter love notes.




Stop Treading On My Dreams.

how you make me scream and shout
I don't wanna run around my room and pout.
But you make me do it,
and I can't hardly stand it.

You've got my heart,
you know you've always had it!

But now you're so far away,
and there's no way to make you pay.
So I'll go around my room
and break anything I want,
and in my head,

imagine breaking your heart.

You're such a tease,
You're such a jerk,
Why do I waste my time?

I'll make you take back all the things that you said.

It's A Brimful Of Asha On The 45.

*This is my life for the Olympics. I only made this to organize my time better
and is probably not at all interesting to anyone besides myself.
Therefore I recommend if you do not wish to feel obscenely
 envious of my epic fortunes, you should probably
just go back to creeping up facebook.*

Feb 17 = Men's Snowboarding - Halfpipe
Feb 19 = The Dudes 8:15-10:30
Feb 27 = Alfa Rococo/Place Francophonie/7:30
Mother Mother/Robson Square/ 11:30pm‐12am


I Know Better Not To Be Friends.

It never stopped me before.
It won't stop me today.
I knew right when I saw you,
Those seconds have so much to say.

After this night's through,
your charming valentine.
His gift to you tomorrow,
a practiced alibi.

Thinking I should not,
thinking that I could.
Knowing I won't stop,
wishing that I would.

Cold hard evidence,
Bitter from the start.
Anatomy of me,
a chest without a heart.

I targeted your lover's faults so don't get mad at me.
It's not my flaw I can't refrain from being such a tease.

The Royal Games


You Move Like A Rolling Wave.

Today is a day for sad songs, piano, and French romances.
And although it's already 3 hours into tomorrow,
and while this post is contextually morose,
I find it's one of the best days
I've had in a while.

Le Fabuleux Destin


d'Amélie Poulain

Could we fix you
if you broke?
Is your punch line
just a joke?
I'll never talk again.
You've left me speechless.

The cinematic after effects
of alcohol
have led me to believe
that there's nothing more beautiful
than a face
as it starts to fade.


Every Little Thing's Gotta Be Just Right.

Made on

Expect many more of these,
I'm officially addicted.


People Call Us Renegades.

I don't care what nobody says,
I'm gonna be his lover.

Always mad and usually drunk,
but I love him like no other.

C'Était Salement Romantique.

Et au sud de mes peines
j'ai volé loin de toi,

Pour couvrir mon cœur
d'une cire plus noire,

Que tous le regards
lancés à mon égard.

J'ai tenté de voler loin de toi.




"It's men, you'll find, who are the far more romantic. Men are the people you will hear say,

"I've found somebody. She's amazing. If I don't get to be with this person, I'm fucked.
I can't carry on, no, I mean it, she's totally transformed my life. I have a job, I have a
flat, it means nothing. I can't stand it, I have to be with her. Because if I don't, I'm
going to end up in some bedsit, I'll be alcoholic, I'll have itchy trousers. I can't—
I can't walk the streets any more."

That is how women feel about shoes."

             - Dylan Moran


I'd Love To Turn You On.

I'd die to see this live.


To Do or Not To Do (It's Been Done)

  • Get a haircut
  • New shoes
  • New jeans (I need to lose at least one size first.)
  • Join a gym (I'll do it on Tuesday unless I'm greatly motivated to do it tomorrow.)
  • Get a job (Interview with Vogue Theatre tomorrow at 2:30. I want this job so bad, I bought new clothes just for the interview.)
  • Change to BCID ( Can't until I'm 19 without parent's permission. I don't even live with them, for fuck's sake.)
  • Get a library card ( Can't until I get BCID D=<)
  • Get a fishie (I'm gonna get a plant instead. Way less maintenance.)
  • Go to M.A.C.
  • Get a bus pass for February
  • Donate blood (Doing it tomorrow at 3:15. =D)