Life. Sucks.
So learn music theory.
Write love poems to people you've never met.
Cry over dumb things. Who gets to decide what is worth crying over?
Is there a points system to evaluate what is and what is not worth tears?
Fuck no.
Talk to someone you used to love late at night.
Let the love rush back.
Then let it float away, like tidal wave.
Stop doing things that slow down your brain.
If music will make you happy, listen to music.
Listen to it always.
If being heavy makes you sad, fucking starve until you're not.
What life is worth living?
When should I decide to die?
Does acting completely without reason free me from the chains of pursuing happiness?
Or am I bound to the walls built by a fruitless and destitute life?
This life is like vertigo.
Always spinning, I can't gain my ground.
I do for the sole purpose of doing.
Do not ask me why I did that.
There is no reasoning. There are no expectations.
And I feel nothing.
I test and experiment with the limits of the people around me.
No considerations. No consequences. No pain. And no gain.

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