Look at all these little boys
who live like they can't die.
It's funny all the shit they do
and seem to stay alive.
The pills, the drink, and getting sick.
Then sex and cigarettes.
Teenage boys will get their kicks
and take all they can get.
Living fast then dying young;
that isn't always true.
The world is full of sick old boys
who live to sixty-two.
Adolescents save their tears,
for the day they swear;
"If I had known I'd live this long,
I'd have taken better care."

Look at all these little girls,
they could be even worse.
They toss their hearts at little boys,
and cry when they get hurt.
Skimpy clothes and sappy notes,
they give it all away.
The stupid things they seem to do
all to make him stay.
Ladies look you in the eye
and say their heart is ripping.
But it's simply never true,
if the lady's living.
So then these girls turn into wives
Debts, kids, bills and work happen.
They'll say "What a silly teen I was,
I thought I had real problems."

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