reasons why i hate my vagina:

if i don't piss immediately after sex there is a 90% chance i will be in severe pain for two days after, thanks to urinary tract infection.

guys i'm not really into will think i'm tight and the guys i really like will not get the same experience.

the most painful thing i've ever had done to me was a procedure to keep me from making lives.

i had to choose between most painful thing ever done to me or years of pills, shots or other inserted devices.

my ideas don't count in a room full of men.

i'm often late for things because i sometimes won't get out of bed until i've had four orgasms.

i'm less useful at work where physical strength is required.

i make a lot of bad decisions.

i will never know how another person feels from the inside.

in the most unsuspecting times and places, i will become painfully aware of how bad i need to fuck something.

guys can't make me come.

i have to work twice as hard to be recognized in my place of work.

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