Ain't It Good To Be Back Home?

Now my feet won't touch the ground.
Cold, cold water...
What ya say?

It's such a

These are the happiest days of my life. The Olympics amaze me
daily and I couldn't imagine not being here right now. I've
never felt such euphoria as walking down Robson
Street. I've seen it at 4pm and 2am and
the wonder that overthrows me is
something I think I'll never
find the same way

Dear Friends; I wish you were here.  Although I'm discovering just
how much I admire my solitude. I'm not afraid of loneliness. It's so
good to be alone sometimes. I am one with the world. I can feel the
 heart beats of a thousand people wherever I go.

You can't even fathom what I
 feel right now. Multiply it by infinity,
take it to the depths of forever and you'll
barely have a glimpse of what I'm talking about.
Even walking to the bus stop after school today was
emotional. I almost cried; my eyes welled up.
Only because I was so happy.
Everyday is perfection.

I can't wait til the morning. I wouldnt wanna change a thing.

Now the sky could be blue.
I don't mind.

Without you it's
 a waste of

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