Every Day Is Different From The Last.

I could definitely do this.
Being overall happy with a couple bad days here and there.
I wish life could be like that.
But there are phases, it moves in cycles.
I'm happy now.
I'll be happy for a while.
Still I dread the impending sadness,
because it always happens.
There is no exceptions.
And that's okay.
And I won't
I believe this today. I need to remember it.
And the bad days won't be so bad.
I live my life as a constant battle;
me against the Universe.
But I call a truce.
The Universe is my friend.
These days, I can see the signs.
The signs that you want me to be happy.

I'm letting myself be happy.
I'm taking care of my heart.


I like you,
I guess you
know that.

I suppose,
you could
like me too.

Just like
I want you.

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