To Do or Not To Do (It's Been Done)

  • Get a haircut
  • New shoes
  • New jeans (I need to lose at least one size first.)
  • Join a gym (I'll do it on Tuesday unless I'm greatly motivated to do it tomorrow.)
  • Get a job (Interview with Vogue Theatre tomorrow at 2:30. I want this job so bad, I bought new clothes just for the interview.)
  • Change to BCID ( Can't until I'm 19 without parent's permission. I don't even live with them, for fuck's sake.)
  • Get a library card ( Can't until I get BCID D=<)
  • Get a fishie (I'm gonna get a plant instead. Way less maintenance.)
  • Go to M.A.C.
  • Get a bus pass for February
  • Donate blood (Doing it tomorrow at 3:15. =D)

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