A Day in the Life

  • Oh hey, so I found paradise today. It's called Metrotown. It has a Forever XXI. Bye bye, bank account, it was nice knowing you. I think I could live on clothes, who needs food anyway?
  • I'm pretty anxious about the Olympics. It's not a big deal, just that the city I've been living in for 21 days is about to be populated with a whole other heaping gob of people from nearly every known nation. Fantastic. (But I guess I'm kind of excited for Shaun White. If you hate Athlete's Village, come stay at my place. I have a bed for you, free of charge.)
  • I realized for certain that I'm fairly high maintenance. I don't know what it's supposed to mean when I spend a stupendous amount of money then get home and find that I've only bought 3 articles of clothing, an ounce of perfume and lipstick.
  • If you think Edward Cullen is the hottest person on Twilight, you are fucked. Alice is where the sex is. Yep.
  • I'm seriously contemplating on getting this tattooed:

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