I Knew You Would Take All My Honey, You Selfish Mother Fucker.

A lot of people lately have been talking to me again. People from years ago, people I used to love, people I haven't seen in months.  People falling in and out of love.

How remarkable that they should come to me.
I'm a failure in the processes of love.
Though I am honest, I am forthcoming and I listen.
I embrace logic and reasoning over emotions.
So in the end,
it all makes sense.

I usually tell them:
`Stop living for someone else.
Your life is yours to live;
yours to die.

`Love as much as you can. But know that you might
one day have to live without that love.
Not fear, but know.

`Find something to be passionate about. Feed your mind with something tangible that you can always have. Plant the seed of something lovely in your heart and grow it eternal. Something you can't live without.
No. It cannot be a person.
It should never be a person.

- A boy I used to love told me;
"Stop dumbing yourself down... and gentle up!"
I used to be really sweet. I've been bitter lately.
I've been validating myself by how
the opposite sex sees me.
Yes, it's disgusting.
But I'm fixing myself.
I'm getting better everyday.

- Fate keeps getting in my face.
  Many people wait their lives
away for destiny.
I tell destiny to
fuck off.

- I just realized today:
Music and fashion are the only things that make sense to me.

These are the languages I speak.
I don't understand boys.
Or my brain.
Or my body.
I'm doing some learning.
And a lot of practising.

I miss people who don't even know who I am.

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