If You Loved Me, Why'd You Let Me Go?

I've decided every Sunday, I'm going to put the postsecret I relate to the most up here.
Because some days, it's frightening. It scares me how similar I am to the rest of the world.
I want to go out and find these people.
This is what my life's about.
This is my endeavour.

Not that I relate to this one, but I find it particularily intriguing.
I think the hottest bridesmaid is in the middle.
But I have a feeling the girl on the left was the one who sent this in. This makes me hate and admire the world all at once.
I just love the subjectiveness of almost everything, but objectification makes me weep.
It's especially sad when we do it to ourselves.
It's depressing how much I do it.
(Yes, I do realize I've done it once already in this post.)
I'm really making an active effort to stop.
I really want the world to change.
It starts here.
It starts now.

P.S. Thank you Lynsey for reminding me of One More Night - Stars.
I also relate to it an overpowering amount.

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