Why Would I Hitch A Ride When I Can Drive?

I'm not writing about boys anymore.
I never cared before.
So I'm stopping now.
Too much time ;
are wasted.

I've fallen in love with the studio.

I've listened to only The Distillers for about a week straight. (I pretty much live every song.)
I got to record the drummer to one of my favorite bands.
I've been in the studio a total of 12 hours since Tuesday and I've spent 10 sleeping.
I am tired and I'm napping right after I post this. (I never nap.)
It's been a good week.

"I'll sleep when I'm dead!"


  1. AHHH! That's awesome. How was it?


  2. So supreme! Spencer played drums, guitar and he sang. His friends did keys, flute and sax, it sounds amazing, he's got a killer voice. I hope we can do Said the Whale eventually, that would be dope.

    P.S. Kurt Dahle taught last semester. He's the drummer from the New Pornographers. He is on Touch Up. I was so choked that I miss his class!!

  3. Oh man! That woud have been wonderful.

    You are going to get the best job on the planet earth. I can just tell.