There's More To Life Than Being Alive.

Currently Feeling : Misanthropic, agoraphobic and antisocial.

I literally despise the greater part of humanity. There are just a lot of fucking useless people in the world.
I don't like that I have to deal with stupid people every day of my life. You have a miraculously designed mind with an infinite capability for learning, so why not put some use to it? 

If you get high every day of your life, you're probably a loser. If you still hang out with friends you met in elementary school and you are an adult, you are probably a loser. If you find yourself behaving the same way you did as a toddler, you are a fucking loser. I could be cynical or self absorbed, but I think I'm just mostly annoyed and unsatisfied with what I'm getting from the world. I am surrounded by infantile adults. I could go on forever and I have my arguments, but I won't bother writing them here. Judge me as you see fit. You're probably a loser anyway. 

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