I Didn't Buy The House. I Couldn't Put A Hammock In The Ceiling.

I want to dye my hair ten shades of blue.
Why does he kiss my cheek and tell me that he'll call?
They never ever do.

I don't want curves. They turn your eyes away.
You're looking at another girl. You must be.
You're looking somewhere else.

I crossed the bridge today, I cried and I can't sleep.
You're ruining my heart. A little at a time but everyday consistent.
Like erosion. Water on stone. Salt in soil. Wind at the face of a cliff.

Every grain of sand is a fiber that stops beating.
A walking hourglass, a waiting landslide, a standing flood.

I want your heart.
I want it to be mine.
I want it on a plate with a side of desperation.

I've lived to learn that love is only love when your lover loves you back.

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