Try And Keep Your Trousers On.

This is an open letter to myself.

Stop doing that. It's not fun anymore. In fact, it's fucking heart breaking.
You have no one to blame but yourself.
You are probably over thinking as usual.
You've slept on the forest floor for a week straight.
You're going to be okay.
Sleep in your bed. Shower in the morning.
Get pretty and go to school and enjoy your current relationships.
This isn't the worst thing that could happen. 
You're pretty bad at predicting how things usually go so ignore your foresight for now.
Rebuild your spirit. Your life is changed, whether you feel it for certain or not.
Things are different now. Change for the better. Always improve. Grow, grow, and grow.
Expect the worst and hope for nothing because hope itself is vapid and empty.
No matter what happens, the situation is perfect, even though you don't realize it now.
Whatever the outcome, you will be happy. In every event.
You're going to be fine. 
Yes, you should analyze. But do not over think. Do not drive yourself insane. 
If this is over already, be aware of the karmic functions in the 
Universe and appreciate their place.
Learn from it and improve.
If it goes as perfect as you wanted, continue to behave like 
the person you think the world put you here to be. 
Make your best performance. It's your only shot on this stage.
Finish the show to the end. 
I'm telling you now that you will stumble on the script, 
you'll probably even trip a few times.
Just swear to yourself that you'll stand.
Let them laugh at you. 
But play your part.
It'll be over before you know it.

Someone loves you. Someone will one day. You're not alone.
It will be okay in the morning.

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