Miles and miles and miles.

You should learn to love me
You know I'd teach you well
Come closer boy; sit next to me
I've many secrets to tell

I think you'd like to hear this,
Well, I've scoped you from afar.
You caught my eye and now you've got
 a hook deep in my heart.

And when I listen to you talk;
Dear, that's when I want you to stop.
I'm hard pressed to press my lips to yours

And when you sit across from me,
it's way too far for you to be.
I'm always wanting; wanting so much more.

I'm filled with things to say and
when you aim your ears to me,
my mouth is stuffed and
I'm too full to speak.

I react to you like alkaline.
My eyes grow tired, they're open wide.
I swear one day I'll make you mine.

My Apollo, my Adonis.
You're my mission, let's be honest.
I'll let you play god,
if you take me for your goddess.

We gonna make it 
Ooh we gonna take it easy;
once we feel the sea breeze.

Once we leave the city.

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