A list of the things I love from the deepest depths of my soul

Compasses, clocks, diamonds, pearls, haute couture, rings, libraries, reading nooks, white christmas lights, Seattle, beaches, bridges, sonnets, Shakespeare, musicals, Greek myth, the Eiffel Tower, sailboats, waves, French films, lyrics, surreal art, hardcover notebooks, jazz, country, punk, grunge, lace, painting, aquatic life, old movies with Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe, sunlight through clouds, forests, snow capped mountains, looking out the window when you're riding in the car outside the city late at night, stars, pictures of pretty bedrooms, reading intelligent quotes that parallel my life, complete understanding, quiet, science, theatre, islands, Disneyland, and aquamarine ocean water.

Life isn't so hard on me when I think of all the things that make it softer.

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