Why does everyone think I'm so weak?
Yes, I'm a moody girl.
But being outwardly expressive of my emotions to people just does not happen.
I feel a lot.
But I deal with that by inwardly suffering, and purging in words when it becomes too much.
But when it becomes too much,
I don't need to be asked if I'm okay.
I don't need to be complimented.
I don't need to be patronized.
I don't need people and I am not your experiment.
I am not an animal in a cage to be prodded into action.
They say no man is an island.
But I am not a man.
Sometimes I just want to stay inside.
And taking a walk in the sun is all I need to feel alright.

There's a lot more to me than my skin.
And nobody fucking knows me at all.

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