She has sex with strangers
And only in the summer
She gives each one one chance
And only that,
they get no other.

In the autumn boys go soft
and in winter they grow cold.
She says she don't need a boy,
she's got footsteps in the snow.
She's got pretty painted pictures
and a rain drop stained window.

There's no sun this season,
there's no flowers and no bees.
All the leaves fell to her feet.
There's no birds left in the trees.

But she don't mind,
'cause there's no shadows,
She don't burn,
and she likes the colours.

She says she'd love his Chucks,
maybe Prada, if he's lucky.
But white sneakers, she'll say no.
She'll say white sneakers are yucky.

She says she likes the princess cut,
the heart shape won't suffice.
To boys who can't buy this girl gems,
beware; she's cold like ice.

She says she'll go the year without him,
She'll say she won't love you.
He would think 'She lies, she loves!'
But what she says is true.

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