I really like making lists and plans.
I don't always follow them perfectly, but that's not the point of them for me.
It's just how I sort my mind out when there's too much going on.
Anyways, I usually write them out. Physically. But my journals are not where I am so I suppose I'll leave my lists here. This is basically what I foresee in my life until June.

Things I need to buy:
- SM58 + XLR cable (maybe a stand, if it's cheap)
- Sasquatch ticket
- First Aid Course
- Headphones
- Easel
- Steel-toes
- Random tools
- Chalkboard project stuff

Things I need to learn/practice:
- Knots
- Feedback frequencies
- Wireless mic techniques
- Acoustics
- Scoring

Things I need to do:
- Clean and re arrange bedroom
- Clean up basement
- Write and record some songs
- Intern/job shadow
- Get a real job
- Design a proper diet/exercise plan
- Turn my little wimpy brother into an intellectual and athlete.
- Pay off rest of student loan

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