Dunbar's Number


This is what real problems look like, in case anyone was wondering.
Sorry, no hip photos. No wise quotes. Just reality.
These are photos from Abu Ghraib, a prison in Iraq.
American military personnel ran the prison.
Years ago, a bunch of pictures surfaced of American military police torturing prisoners. Prisoners who weren't yet convicted of any crimes.
This week, I've seen photos of Libyan people virtually cut in half, likely by bombs delivered care of their own leader.
I saw a video of a police officer get hit in the head by a petrol bomb at a riot in Greece. 
If I had the means to do so, I would assassinate Gaddafi myself.
And that's what it comes down to; my means of capability to help defenseless and innocent people.
Now what does it mean to have these means?
It means money.
Every fucking thing come down to money.
I don't have the money for plane tickets to Africa.
I don't have the money for a master's degree.
I probably could. But I am ferociously capitalistic.
I'd always choose money over love, over fame, over happiness.
Every one of my dreams; I need money to achieve. To help people. To buy my mom a house. To own a condo on every continent. My entire life's purpose is to get rich. It's not a true, heartfelt purpose but it's something to live for. I'm okay with that conclusion because I think existing is an absurd notion and has no purpose whatsoever. There is no heaven. There is no god. I can't fathom the mental gymnastics of people who try to keep their faith when all logical signs point to "God is a fairy tale." Many people are fascinated by the powers of the mind. Things like epinephrine, our healing functions, learning, and dreams. I don't think it's powerful. It's strange, yes. Fascinating, sure. But you can put a man in a room with no sunlight for a few days and watch how weak the mind really is. Name-calling is driving people to kill themselves in our strange times. We learn about history in high school so our society might have the chance of avoiding repetition. But we still have dictators. Countries are destroying themselves. There are as many earthquakes as there has always been, but now there's just too many fucking people. Humans are not built to live in the societies we currently exist in. And we haven't had enough time to evolve.
We have wars, religion, social programs that don't work and plain, fucking idiots all over the world. 
This is your rapture. These are the revelations. 

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