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  • So I really like this website called Reddit. People just post things they find interesting and everyone else looks and makes comments. Some people will tell the story of their fascinating profession, or talk about some insane event that happened in their lives and then they answer people's questions. Yesterday, I read one put up by some guy somewhere who said he's made the decision to kill himself on Monday. I read another one by some other guy who has had lymphoma for years and has decided to legally end his suffering with the assistance of a doctor, also on Monday. Both cases could be completely faked for attention, of course. Reading through their stories and responses to people though, they seemed pretty legit. Anyway, I've been fascinated but a lot of the replies these guys have gotten from random people. Everyone wants to save the suicidal man, and some of the suggestions are remarkable. Such as "Why don't you sell all your things, take the money, fly somewhere random, live off the land, travel, or join the French Foreign Legion and get a new identity?" Unfortunately for this, suicidal people do not think rationally. However, this fascinates me as a person who doesn't quite mind being alive. I don't think I could ever do this though. I couldn't leave everyone I love that quick. I suppose if I had no one to love/no one loved me, this would be easy. Back to the post, everyone says all these things this guy should go do to fall in love with life. And while I quite believe it's been wasted in this poor man, it has made me more appreciative of the life I have. The other guy with cancer talks about his regrets and makes several enlightening comments. I find myself marveling at the things that the human mind can create when one's aware of their existence coming to an end. I am greatly motivated to get a lot done this week.
  • My favourite comment out of those posts was someone saying something along the lines of "Do you remember anything from the time before you were born?" This implying that there is nothing when you die. Now I can't even begin to believe there is any kind of afterlife. Heaven and hell is pure bullshit. I identify mostly with Buddhist beliefs and essentially, lives are reused over and over until Nirvana is attained. You could live a multitude of times, all in different forms. Your main purpose as an entity is to fill up your tank on good karma. That's cute and all, but I don't want to live more than once. Unless I happen to win the birth lottery next time around, but I'm way too much of an asshole for that so my hopes are low. All I can hope for is that my life ends where it does here on Earth. One of the best motivational things I've read talks about how billions of years passed before most people were born and billions will likely pass after they die. You spend more time not existing than you do being on Earth. It's one of the only statements that has driven me to try and maintain my own happiness as much as possible.

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