Need a new love. I'm ready.

My mum left today. I officially live by myself for the first time in my life. I stayed inside all day, courtesy of my inevitable summer cold that I get every time the season starts. My bed is gone. I have five channels to choose from on my 19" television. I hate cooking in the summer. I have to feed my cat. Today I listened to music and am forcing myself to finish a painting I've had going for months now. I have about 65% left to do. The only movies I have to watch are Black Swan and The Breakfast Club. I have a mickey of Tanqueray in the freezer that I'm gonna crack in about five minutes. I hope it lasts. This is going to be a miserable month. But I'm going to be productive.

I'm going to play guitar.
And paint.
And work and save up to buy furniture and a vacation.
I'm going to take pictures with my new hipster camera and learn everything I can about taking good photos.
I'm going to write more and finally shape up.

I hope with these occupations can busy my mind enough to not go insane.

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