Written this morning in a half-awake stupor.

You can come in if you like.
It's really quite messy. And not very quiet.
In fact, the echo in here could drive you crazy.
I've forgotten it's here.
Oh, have you tripped on something?
I've memorized the layout, I know my way around.
I should really clean up around here someday.
Are you hurting? What's wrong?
    Is it too noisy? Loud?
I think you might be overwhelmed.
I'd offer you a place to sit, but I'm afraid you'll stay too long.
Here, let me show you to the door.
Follow closely, yes, you'll be fine.
There you go, now you're outside.
You've saved yourself, and soon enough,
that headache will subside.

Perhaps, sir, we will meet again,
but then, I will not let you in.

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