I'm getting really annoyed with the sense of entitlement that the males of the world have. You being nice to me is no reason for me to permit sexual relations with you. For something like that, you need to be in the territory of being a millionaire or maybe saving my life. Getting me a ginger ale when I ask for it on my lunch break is not so impressive. I need to start letting men now that their efforts are futile to start but it's just so fucking fun to get back at them for being so stupid. I know I'm being a cunt but I'm trying to teach you a lesson, men of the world. I just want to be friends. Why can I not have this in my life? I do like to talk to guys a lot more than women but I don't want to fuck them all. In fact, I'd prefer to fuck no one ever. Women just bore me. I like people who make me laugh and by the large, girls are just not funny. I don't want to talk about nails, and facials, and feelings, and boyfriends.

I like nice guys. I can get what I want from nice guys. But when I play that game, I get unwanted advances, and perhaps I deserve it but I would never feel so entitled that someone would sleep with me just for the sake of being nice to them. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe I need to stop playing with these poor boys' heads and do every little thing for myself. But if a guy says I can sleep on his couch and save $40 on a cab home at 3am after work, why shouldn't I take it? Maybe because the second time I've done this, he says "If you want to be more comfortable you can just sleep in my bed." Then I sigh at the sad realization that I need to stop being so friendly and maybe start taking a cab home. Because no, I don't want to sleep in your bed, because I know you think I'll sleep with you for letting me stay here. I need to stop making myself seem available. I need to go back to being anti-social and alone. I need to start telling people I'm a lesbian because no one takes you seriously when you say you're asexual. I can only imagine a life where all the men are satisfied in the friend zone and keep their awkward advances to themselves. Where they don't think every fucking time I'm nice it means I'm "sending a signal."

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