I hate sleeping alone.

I can't really bring myself to write a wall of text right now so here's some random thoughts that I need to get out.

- It must be true when your own father is the sixth or seventh person to tell you that you probably intimidate men.

- I'm already bored of Vancouver again.

- A friend of mine asked what made me want to get tattoos on my neck, since it must have been so painful. I just said pain never really bothered me. I thought about it more and realized I've never not done anything because I was scared that it would hurt. I love that and I want to always be that way.

- I just got back from a week up in Williams Lake where I visited my dad. It's so weird how unhappy I realize I am when I leave my life for a bit. I don't really like my job. I should be doing something else. I should be somewhere else entirely.

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