you won't see me fall apart.

the tallest boy is welcomed into the circle
he's moved to the center
then fed the ripest fruit.

the saddest girl becomes the offering
to sacrifice, to satisfy
to replenish this sanctuary of our strife.

and in this hollow there is what is destined
a girl never fed
a boy never starved.

I know you said no expectations. But think back to what you said and what you did.
You treated me as if you liked me. Your actions did not reflect your words.
And you will believe you are innocent and I am wrong and insane.
It is you who is insane.
You shook your head no while saying yes.
And now you're lost wondering how you could set yourself up for a strike and hit none of the pins.
You know what yes, I do hate you.
I didn't even like you when we first touched, I just wanted to feel a body.
You told me not to fall for you and in saying so, I did.
I told you I wanted to leave. I didnt want to cuddle.
You made me stay.
You made me stay so you could break me.
So yes, I hate you for it.
Now you're happy and you don't like me, and it's fine because only sad boys like me.
I get it now, I fucking get it and I'll leave you be forever.
And I don't want to be your fucking friend.
You still need to learn to take responsibility for the things you say and do.
Your defense is trite and absolves you of nothing.

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