How Could Such A Creature Survive In Such A Habitat?

` I don't really like love songs.
I don't like girls who need a love song to feel loved.
Love songs are easy. I want a sonnet. Seriously.
Fourteen lines, perfect rhythm,
and in iambic pentameter.
And not some cop out of nonsensical content
for the sake of form.
I want it to be lyrical.
I realize this is so unlikely it shouldn't even be said.
And that's what I get for not living in the 17th century.

` I dreamt about you again.
I'm glad it happened while I was napping
so it only wrecked part of my day.
And for the first time since I left this,
I wondered if I should have.
Because my dream was perfect and possible.

And then I thought if our dreams meant something,
if they defined how we should behave
and what the right thing to do was;
we would barely be alive.
Every one of us would have jumped off a building or a bridge,
attempting to fly.
No more regrets.
I only want you in my dreams.

` Hope is nothing. Never hope.

` Dr Jack Kevorkian is a superhuman genius.
A man who aids people in ending their lives,
just made so much sense of mine.

Yours is the only ocean.

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