So Am I Really Free?

Fuck it all.
Fuck blue eyes. And boys who play guitar.
(Except Alex Turner.) And only listening to
songs with meaning. And needing a reason
to cry. And idolizing girls just because their
bones stick out. And simple things that I
can't use logic to define. (Males.) And
people who have no regard for life.

Fuck being your own worst enemy. And
staying in one place forever. And thinking
it's wrong to want to be alone. And apologies
that never need to be said. And feeling guilt
for things that aren't your fault. And having
good intentions that end up turning on you.
And not knowing what to say. And wishing
you were someone else.

I've waited 19 roads for you,
To steal your time: seconds; a few.
You're one of me, I'm one of you.
Let's talk of all our favorite routes.

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