I Could Be Your State And I Could Be Your Nation.

And so I never really knew;
why I do the things I do.
All that I can say is true;
is that I never think of you.

You tried to make me feel bad,
but I declined, you see.
'Cause The knives I put in your back
were the ones you threw at me.

Now that you've got your weapons back,
I hope you're faring well.
I hope you've learned how not to put
another girl through hell.

Go say things you really mean,
without being so fucking mean.

Suddenly, I'm glad you're gone,
I probably shouldn't brag.
But I just couldn't carry you
That weight; I couldn't drag.

Take some time to fix the things you broke.
Take back the words you didn't mean, yet spoke.

Why don't we just sit and stare and do nothing?
Nothing at all for a while.
I like the way you smile.

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