All You People Are Vampires!

Today was bullshit and everything sucked.

But somehow my day turned around moments before midnight, and I'll hopefully head to bed before soon.

How odd that I might finally feel better about today right before I plunge head first into tomorrow.

I want to live in a house in a tree. Read books and poems all day.
Spend the day in Disneyland and spend the night at the Eiffel Tower.
I want to stop making myself sad. I don't want to wonder if crying myself to sleep will make me feel better.
I wish iTunes could tell which songs I want to hear; which ones I should hear.
Why would anyone ever want to live like this?
I can be such a fucking child sometimes.

I'm scared to go to bed,
I think I could die in my sleep.
I must find a reason to wake in the morning;
It isn't enough to dream.

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