Summer Haze

  • Watch an entire season of any show with one friend in one day.
  • Bake something delicious with homemade pot butter.
  • Magic. Mushroom. Peanut. Butter. Cups.
  • Never leave the house without a camera.
  • Take a picture of yourself everyday.
  • Propose to someone.
  • Learn how to make latte art.
  • Have a tea party outside at nighttime.
  • Get at least one tattoo or piercing.
  • Send drawings to your best friend through snail mail.
  • Take a road trip to somewhere you've never been with only a map as a guide.
  • Go for coffee with at least one friend wearing cocktail dresses for no reason.
  • Learn how to cook your favorite meal for yourself.
  • Write and mail a letter to your hero. Dead or alive.
  • Camp. I don't even think this needs to be part of the list, it's so redundant.
  • Design a dream home. Draw. Make lists of everything you want.
  • Blow up 50 balloons then find a use for them.
  • Get a record player.
  • Plan your dream wedding.
  • Write down every single dream you can recall.
  • Play on a playground.
  • Crack open a dictionary with a friend. On the odd numbered page, each of you must use the third defined word as inspiration for a short story. No exceptions, no re-dos. Share stories.
  • Acquire a map of the world. Pinpoint every place you want to visit. Every single one.
  • Rent and watch at least three movies starring Marilyn Monroe and/or Audrey Hepburn in one night with at least one friend.
  • Sleep in your backyard for a night.

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