When I was young and moving fast, nothing slowed me down.

Today was kind of strangely enlightening. I worked 10 hours and felt fantastic for every one. I wandered through Prince's Island Park and listened to the Black Keys and felt the sun shine through the trees onto me. I can fucking be happy if I don't let stupid shit bother me. I decided on the bus to work that I wouldn't worry about some random guy who in all likelihood, I will never see again. Who gives a shit if he never wants to see me? I've dealt with this before. I survived. And I'm taking control back. There's no time in my life to be sad right now. I have a lot of shit to take care of. I have to be healthy in a physical and mental state. I'm going to make myself into a 10.

All I want right now is work, and tattoos. A nose ring, my friends, and my family.  And at the moment, Ive been living by these words:
 If you have no problems, don't worry. If you have a problem and can fix it, fix it and don't worry. If you have a problem but can't fix it, it can't be helped; don't worry.

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