Don't be surprised when you get bent over.

Sorry kids, but little facebook messages saying "hey let's hang out next week" and then ignoring my reply is not going to impress me. You boys need to understand that when you try to play the game with me, you lose. You always lose. This doesn't even fathom me. How strange it is to feel no emotion for a boy I really liked before. It's actually quite nice though. I don't even care if he doesn't like me or just wants to be friends or is just trying to fool me with some hard to get bullshit but I do not care to decipher what's going on. I'm throwing this away right now. And it feels pretty swell. The puzzles of dating and trying to figure out my feelings is tiresome so I thank you, sir, for making it clear that I don't have to figure it out. Ah, relief.

I do believe that I am quite crazy. I'm making my good friend join me on a trip to the haunted fairground this month to help me find my lost love from last Halloween. My one who got away. Ha, what nonsense. But what else do I have? I don't like the normal ways of dating, and meeting people at clubs and sleeping in strange bedrooms. No, I am more likely to find my man in makeup and hiding in a clown house. I'm even more likely to not find a man at all so after this, I won't be writing here about men or relationships for a while. I want to see how purely I can extract the thoughts of being with someone from my mind. I want to fill those parts completely with art and music and work.

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