All you know about me is what I sold you.

I am makeup and hair dye
I'm pierced metal rings
I'm eyelash and eye lined
I'm ink under skin

For whatever reason, I keep getting jobs in places that I hate within weeks of working and want to leave. Most of the time the job itself is fine but the people I work with are what make me spiteful of work days. There are few things that make me feel greater than working out my budget, and knowing I could leave my job at any time and still have enough money to live through to August when I move. I don't really want to leave my job though, because I like to work and have something to do. I could always find another, but I'll be gone for all of June so it would be futile to start another job hunt now. And that's what's keeping me going. I'm going to work these last two weeks of April at the very least. Then I have one month to go before I go away for a month. To see my family and spend some time on a Grand Cayman beach. I don't know if I'll work through May. It really depends on how I get treated at work these next two weeks. My awesome manager is leaving to work somewhere else and the owner of the restaurant I work in is seeming to be quite the prick. So we'll see. I don't need any references from this shit hole so I'm pretty excited for the day that someone fucks with me once over my limit and I can walk out at the busiest time possible.

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