Cut the foreplay and just ask.

I've been asking for things from people more often than usual lately and I've been markedly surprised that my requests have been received well. It's amazing what you can get out of people when you're kind and appreciative. I've always tried to be that way, but I've usually been the kind of person who is afraid to ask for anything, I just wanted to do everything on my own. I've realized to get to higher ground, I need to ask people for help sometimes because I'm not tall enough to reach by myself. I want to get the words "nothing ventured, nothing gained" tattooed on me because I've been living by this motto since September when someone in registration at ACAD said it to me. I was worried I wouldn't get into the class I wanted because it might be too late to ask the instructor and this was her answer. I didn't get into that class then but this semester, I did. I needed some recommendations from teachers I haven't talked to in a long time and CDs from my friend in Vancouver, who I was terrible too. And I've got them all. I apologized to her and I don't feel shady about what I did to her, she forgave me and I'm happy. Consider me a believer of "no harm in asking."

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