boy in girls clothes

nerve endings.
she said I think we could be friends
but i'm afraid.
i jumped in the lake.
the water rose to meet my feet
and the shiver started in my toes
it rushed to my eyes right through my clothes
skywards like a lightning bolt.
i broke the ice with little bits of love.
small but deadly
they called me but i had already come.
once there was sand here
before that snow
now nothing but sea and waves and froth
soon the salt will fuel a fire
and whatever there is to burn shall burn
the suffer is coming, she said.
and pain begets more pain.
i came here on a shuttle.
a hard landing, a prophecy told.
i came into the world like a comet and exploded into the atmosphere.
i searched the earth for my pieces.
they had been eaten.
i took you home
i dug into you
my parts took up places in your heart so i took them back
i left you alone with holes in your bones
and laughed my way out the door.
your mouth made a scream in the shape of a whisper
and you bled your way out on the floor

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